Rancho Cactus

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    Desert fascination lead Farolo and Valérie to create Rancho Cactus in mid-nineties.

    From that time, Rancho Cactus has been the expert in equestrian specialist in the region.

    Discover OTRO SAN PEDRO to natural rhythm of horses at desert heart of rocks and sand, canyons and vastitudes, of oasis and archaeology, where you will live the unique experience of desert.

    Tours fit to your requirements. Horse rides are proposed from 2 hours to 12-day expeditions, providing a service of professionals with support material (riding helmets or chupallas [Chilean horseman’s hat made of straw], leather gaiters and knapsacks) and English-speaking attentive staff.

    With RANCHO CACTUS….. riding, discover ……OTRO SAN PEDRO