Uyuni Adventure 4 Days / 3 Nights

Discover Uyuni with us in an adventure of 4 days and 3 nights. Unforgettable! You must to come to know the largest salt desert on Earth, with 10,500 square kms and an extension of more than 3,600 meters of altitude. Uyuni is synonymous with optical effects that defy reality, with lagoons and geology of impossible […]

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Camino a San Pedro de Atacama

Promotional Pack: 3 Tours/ 2 days

The excursions are: Laguna Cejar, Moon Valley, and Geyser del Tatio Transfers and snacks included Doesn´t include tickets that are paid when entering each national reserve    

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Uyuni Aventura

Uyuni 4 days / 3 nights (round trip)

SCHEDULE Departure time: 06:30 – 07:30  am, from your Hotel Duration of Program: 03 days Return point: Office, downtown San Pedro de Atacama Arrival time 13:00 hrs.  (aprox. Chile)

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Salar de Atacama Promoção

Promotional Pack: 5 Tours / 3 days

Enjoy Promotional Pack: 5 Tours / 3 days The excursions are: Rainbow Valley, Moon Valley, Cejar Lagoon, Geyser del Tatio and Altiplanic Lagoons & Red stones Transfers and biligual guide included Breakfast in AM excursions Doesn´t include tickets that are paid when entering each national reserve  

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Valle del Arcoíris San Pedro de Atacama

Rainbow Valley

Discover the Yerbas Buenas Valley, junction place of the Domeyko mountain range, the Salt mountain range and the Andes. Here we’ll observe petroglyphs from different ages, mandatory pass to and from San Pedro. Our journey follows then to the Rainbow Valley, full of colors given by the mud and diverse minerals found in the soil. Finally […]

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Salar de Atacama, Toconao, Altiplanic Lagoons and Red Rocks

To the south of San Pedro de Atacama in our first stop we find Toconao. This town was built with Liparita stone, we will visit its square full of history with its bell tower built in 1750 with adobe and cactus wood, and the San Lucas Church, both are national monuments. In the Valley of […]

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Cejar Lagoon

Inside the Salar de Atacama we will visit the Cejar Lagoon. Its salty water has a great floating effect which makes the bath a relaxing and fun experience. Everything is complemented with the beautiful landscape of turquoise waters, volcanoes and the grandeur of the salar. Then we will visit Ojos del Salar, two freshwater wells […]

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Geiseres del Tatio

Geyser del Tatio

Do not stay without enjoying this tremendous panorama in San Pedro de Atacama, in this vibrant excursion we will visit the impressive fumaroles of Tatio, in the Altiplano at more than 4,000 meters high. Our trip to the highlands begins at dawn to reach one of the most important geothermal fields in the world, the […]

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Valle de la Luna

Moon Valley

If you come to San Pedro de Atacama you can not miss this unique place in the world, the Moon Valley. In the middle of the deep aridity of the Salt Mountain Range we find a landscape of salt and clay modeled by the Water and wind for millions of years. In our tour we […]

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