Promotional Pack: 5 Tours / 3 days

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per person CLP$ 90.000 :: USD$140


  • 3 days 
  • 5 excursions / tours
  • The excursions are: Altiplanic Lagoons and Salar de Atacama, Valley of the moon, Puritama hot springs, Lagoon Cejar and Geyser del Tatio
  • Transfers and snacks included
  • Doesn´t include tickets that are paid when entering each national reserve

Suggested Itinerary (april to october schedule)

Day 1

  • Altiplanic Lagoons and Salar de Atacama

Departure            06:30 hours

Return                    14:30 hours

  • Valley of the moon

Departure            15:00 hours

Return                   19:30 hours

Day 2

  • Puritama hot springs

Departure            09:00 hours

Return                    13:30 hours

  • Lagoon Cejar

Departure            15:00 hours

Return                    20:00 hours

Day 3    

  • Geyser del Tatio y Machuca *

Departure            04:30 hours (am)

Return                    12:30 hours

* Children between the ages of 14 and 17 must present simple parent authorization.

* Children under 14 years old can not ascend to 4,320 meters above sea level

* Pick up at the hostel/hotel may vary 30 minutes from departure hour


General conditions

  • Rates valid for services at the indicated times
  • Services apply with minimum of passengers at the time of reservation
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • For security and operational reasons, schedules may be modified without prior notice.
  • The locations may vary
  • In Excursions the pick up is at the indicated hotel.
  • In transfer service, applies from all hotels in San Pedro de Atacama (does not include Aiyu from outside)
  • Excursions with bilingual guides

Children Conditions

  • Under 2 years old, released without seat
  • Over 2 years old, 100%

Cancellation Conditions or No Show

  • Cancellations with 48 hours in advance without charge
  • Cancellations within 24 hours are considered No Show, charge 100%

Service Safety Conditions

  • Whether due to weather conditions or road conditions that do not provide the minimum safety guarantees for safe operation, Turistoir reserves the right to cancel the service

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