Sandboard or sandboarding is a sport that consists of descending dunes or sand hills, with special boards similar to those of Snowboarding. It belongs to the category of extreme sports, practicing it in the incredible dunes of San Pedro de Atacama. One of the driest deserts in the world.

It will certainly be an experience!


Activity includes:

  • Equipment (Board, boots and helmet)
  • Round trip transportation (from starting point in Caracoles street, San Pedro de Atacama center)
  • Introduction and induction (30 to 40 minutes approx)
  • Guide (Spanish / English / Portuguese language)
  • Video and photos for the group (will be shared on social networks)

The night session is held on Saturdays and / or nights with a full moon and includes:

  • Complete equipment (board, boots and helmet)
  • Round trip transportation.
  • Instructor (English spoken), music (dj) and artificial lighting in which case there is no moonlight.

The entrance to the park is not included and has a value of $ 5,000 CLP per person.


It is very important that you inform us of your shoe size, something essential to ensure the equipment for this activity.


Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama
Sandboard San Pedro de Atacama


The meeting point for all hours will be from the office located on Calle Caracoles, San Pedro de Atacama. Ten minutes before the indicated start time:

Activity hours: (operates every day of the week)

AM Tour: 09:00 to 12:30.

PM Tour: 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Night tour: 21:00 to 00:30 (only on Saturdays and full moon days (subject to confirmation by our specialized team in this activity).


Departure:09:00 / 16:00
Duration:7 Hours
Return:12:30 / 19:30
    • Valid until April 30, 2021.
    • Entrance Tickets to The Parks or National Reserves are not included in the value of the Tour.
    • Valid rates for services at the indicated times.
    • Services apply with a minimum of passengers at the time of booking.
    • Rates per person subject to change.
    • For security and operational reasons, the schedules may be modified without prior notice.
    • In Excursions the collection is at the indicated hotel.
    • In transfer service, it applies from all hotels in San Pedro de Atacama (does not include Ayllus in the suburbs)
    • Excursions with bilingual guide Spanish and English.

    Conditions of Minors

    • Minimum age for tours of minors is 7 years, except Geysers del Tatio whose minimum age is 12 years.

    Cancellation or No show conditions

    • Cancellations 72 hours in advance without charge.
    • Cancellations within 48 hours are considered No Show, 100% charge

    Service Security Conditions

    • Whether due to weather conditions or route conditions (roads) that do not offer the minimum guarantees of safety for safe operation, our provider reserves the right to cancel the service

    Acceptance of Activity Risks

    • The passenger declares to know and understand the risks involved in participating in adventure tourism activities, which cannot be completely eliminated, even when there is compliance with security standards accredited by the service provider, which are intended to decrease the risks that the development of this activity involves.
    • It will be the duty of the adventure tourism service provider to inform of the conditions and requirements for the development of the activity, as well as, it is the duty of the participants who take an adventure tourism service to adequately inform themselves of the conditions in which the service is provided, of the minimum conditions that the participant must have before carrying out the activity and abide by the instructions that the company and guide in charge of the activity indicate.

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