Turismo Layana is a tourism operator based in San Pedro de Atacama, cradle of a millenarian culture, resistant to history and extreme desert onrushes.

Layana is characterized by offering flexible, personalized, convenient services, adapted to customs’ needs. It is a familiar company that will make that visitors feel at home.

They have comfortable minibuses and 4 x4 light trucks for tours. All their vehicles are air conditioned, equipped with emergency equipment and due preventive maintenance of vehicles. Likewise, they offer native drivers and bilingual expert guides.

Outstanding tours are for example:

  • Altiplanic Lagoons + Salar de Atacama
  • Termas de Puritama
  • Archaeological Tour
  • Geysers del Tatio
  • Laguna de Cejar
  • Salar de Tara
  • Valle de la Luna
  • Valle del Arcoiris

Details Turismo Layana

  • Tocopilla #429-B (abierto todos los dìas de 10 am a 9:00 pm), San Pedro de Atacama

  • Regular and Private Tours
  • In/ Out Transfer Hito Cajón
  • Office in Tocopilla with Caracoles
  • Comfortable minibuses and 4 x 4 light trucks

Get in touch with Turismo Layana

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