The world's largest salt mirror...

In the middle of the Andes, in southern Bolivia, lies the largest continuous and highest salt desert in the world. One of the most extreme and remarkable sights in all of South America, if not on Earth, according to National Geographic.

Uyuni is the legacy of a prehistoric lake that dried up and left a desert landscape of nearly 11,000 square kilometres of gleaming white salt, rock formations and cactus islands. Its mystical expanse can be seen from the central island of Incahuasi. Although wildlife is scarce in this unique ecosystem, it is home to several pink flamingos.

The Salar de Uyuni is said to have served as a location for the film "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". In the dry season, you can see the vastness of the salt flat clearly, even losing sight of the size of any element. In the rainy season, on the other hand, a mirror effect is produced on its surface, reflecting the mountains and the sky with incredible clarity.

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