Incahuasi Travelodge is a traditional Atacameño house, built in 1998. Its mud walls and thatched roofs are a way to preserve the local architecture as an important part of the heritage worthy of being known by all visitors.

They offer rooms with private bathrooms and cabins that include a daily buffet breakfast with homemade products, homemade whole wheat bread, purified water, tea and coffee beans for free use.

In the common areas there are open spaces, terraces and barbecue for you to enjoy your stay.

They also have an all-inclusive program that includes lodging, meals, transfers to and from the airport and tours around San Pedro de Atacama.

Hundreds of travelers have accompanied them and left their recommendations to be each time a better host for all those who decide to visit them.

When you choose Incahuasi you choose quality and experience at your service.

Details of Incahuasi Travelodge

  • El Carmen 132, Sector El Carmen, San Pedro de Atacama


  • Free Internet Wi - Fi
  • "Bed and Breakfast" and "All Inclusive" Rates
  • All cabins and rooms have a private bathroom and kitchen
  • Hot water 24 hours a day
  • Regular and Private Tours

Contact the accomodation Incahuasi Travelodge

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