Altiplanic Spirit

Camino del Inca 333, San Pedro de Atacama +56984250157


    Altiplanic Spirit is an Indigenous family business that wants to share life experiences with you.

    Altiplanic Spirit privileges the interaction with nature, culture and local traditions along with special activities that are essential if you are thinking of visiting the Atacama Desert you have to do it by hand.

    Altiplanic Spirit offers programs and personalized quality service, tourism without trace or environmental impact, flexible and out of the mass tourism reflected in each of our experiences.

    Reencounter with your senses and emotions surrounded by the mystical atmosphere of San Pedro de Atacama.


    • Hikes (Guatin - Puritama, Cornices, Cuchabrache)
    • High mountain climbs (Cerro Toco, Lascar Volcano, Jurinquinca)
    • Show dinner
    • Arqueo - Astronomia (Ultimo Amauta de Atacama)
    • Pioneers in Inclusion Tourism