Space Obs

San Pedro de Atacama +569-42663665


    San Pedro de Atacama is a unique place in the world to watch the sky and its stars.

    The SPACE agency offers astronomic tours every night except during a period around the full moon. The focus is on showing people how to understand the mysteries of the night sky and our universe. The tours are offered in English, French and Spanish depending on demand.

    SPACE passengers are transferred to and from their accommodation in San Pedro in the vehicle that will take them to the observation deck just 10 minutes from town.

    Tours start with naked eye view and history of the sky and its constellations, continuing then with observation of really amazing objects, such as, Moon craters, Saturn’s rings, star clusters, galaxies, and other wonders of the universe.

    Tours end by sharing experiences and questions inside and to warm up with a hot chocolate while waiting for the bus to arrive for the return back to San Pedro.

    A tour takes around 2.5 hours and the tours start at 7:00pm in the winter, at 9:00pm in the summer, and at intermediate times during the other seasons. There are usually 3 tours a night depending on demand, at 1 hour intervals. It is recommended to come very warmly dressed.

    The tour includes transportation to and from the hotel, hot drink and souvenir photography.

    For reservations you can write to whatsapp +56942663665 or email