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    • SPACE: founded in 2003, is the first company to offer astronomy tourism in San Pedro de Atacama. It has the largest park of telescopes for tourist use in the southern hemisphere, this, added to the incredible skies that the driest desert in the world offers us, make us a world leader in astronomical tourism.
      world leader in astronomical tourism.

      We do this tour every night, except on full moon nights and cloudy nights.
      We travel to the observatory, 7 km from San Pedro de Atacama (15 min).


      9:00 p.m. - Departure from your accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama
      Guided observation with telescopes
      San Pedro de Atacama is a unique place in the world to watch the sky and its stars. The SPACE agency offers astronomic tours every night except during a period around the full moon. The focus is on showing people how to understand the mysteries of the night sky and our universe. The tours are offered in English, French and
      11:00 p.m. - Return to accommodation

      General Conditions

      • Valid rates for services at the indicated times.
      • Services apply with a minimum of passengers at the time of booking.
      • Rates per person subject to change.
      • For security and operational reasons, the schedules may be modified without prior notice.
      • In transfer service, it applies from all hotels in San Pedro de Atacama (does not include Ayllus in the suburbs)
      • Excursions with bilingual guide Spanish and English.

      Commercial Conditions

      • Prices in United States Dollars (USD) are calculated from their value in Chilean Pesos (CLP) with the exchange rate of the day and may vary depending on the day the payment is made.

      Cancellation or No Show Conditions

      Cancellations with 5 days notice without charge.
      Cancellations within 5 days are considered No Show, 100% charge

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      Space Astronomy Tour

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