Their explorations are what make them unique. They want our travelers to interact and engage not only with logic, but also with senses, emotions and physical activity.

They want things to happen. This is why, over the years, they have developed over 3.600km (2.236mi) of exploration routes, set into over 100 different explorations on foot, horseback, bicycle or boat. They have also created their own routes: with guides that are constantly trying to discover new ways of improving the existing explorations and creating new ones: one of a kind, and off the beaten track.

The diversity of the landscape is one of the most popular attractions. Aware of this, they take travelers to explore every corner. Riding horses through the red land plains and huge sand dunes, visiting turquoise lagoons that are located over 4,000 meters and following green riverbeds in an area where water is a limited resource. Either on foot, horseback riding, or bike –including high mountain ascents and astronomical sessions– over 40 explorations take travelers to the cultural richness of this fascinating territory.

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