This is a set of turquoise lagoons located in the middle of the Atacama Desert. These lagoons are of volcanic origin and are fed by groundwater. The turquoise color of the lagoons contrasts with the arid desert landscape, creating a spectacular scenery. This is an ideal place to hike and enjoy nature in a quiet and relaxing environment.


The Atacameña Community of Coyo announces that starting June 10, 2024 in Laguna
Escondida de Baltinache, a decision has been made by the administration area and leaders of the community, that it will be suitable for contemplation and photographs, NOT suitable for SWIMMING in the lagoons, in order to allow the ecosystem of the area to regenerate naturally. place.


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Romantic San Pedro
Romantic San Pedro

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Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache
Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache

We will visit the magical Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache, where you can take an incredible bath in salty waters, and

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