The main civilizations, such as the Aztecs in Mexico or the Incas in Peru, took art to the highest level and were directly involved with spirituality.

Jesús Valencia, sculptor, who has lived in San Pedro de Atacama for more than 20 years, considers his works of art as an expression of the ancestral cultures of the Andes.

“I bring all this Andean heritage to my works with a modern look”, acknowledges the sculptor.

Since Jesús Valencia became a sculptor, his works have reached many countries around the world.

"Collectors from very different corners of the world have acquired my sculptures in my own workshop located in the world-renowned San Pedro de Atacama, and that is very rare for other artists," said the sculptor.

Currently his works can be seen and purchased on his website and 3 exhibition points in San Pedro de Atacama:

  • Metal Art, Gustavo Le Paige 151
  • Petroglifo, Caracoles 190
  • Chañar, Domingo Atienza 409

Details Jesús Valencia – Metal Art

  • Gustavo Le Paige 151, San Pedro de Atacama



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