The gallery called La Mano Arte (the Hand of Art) shows its creations in the town that saw it come into the world. There, you will find a wide range of pottery, sculptures, and paintings.

Its ceramic sculptures, among which you may distinguish animals and symbolic figures, representative of the zone and the country, are worth a visit.

The gallery also has decoration pottery, such as, vases, cups, mugs, dishes, and platters.

The paintings evidence colors and characters that surround this beautiful region.

These creations may also be admired in the decoration of Café Adobe.

La Mano Arte offers pottery courses, and information by e-mail about pottery and paintings for sale.

Come visit this beautiful corner located in the main street of San Pedro (Caracoles), next to the traditional Takha Takha inn, where you can learn about the art of creating with simplicity, love, and inspiration.

Details La Mano Arte

  • Café Adobe, Caracoles 21, San Pedro de Atacama



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