The Llullaillaco volcano is serious business, a challenge only for experienced mountaineers.

Considered to be one of the four highest volcanoes in the world, this massif of steep profiles is located on the border between the Antofagasta Region (Chile) and Salta Province (Argentina).

To reach its base on the Chilean side, many climbers prefer to travel by truck or 4X4 due to the poor road conditions.

From there, they begin the ascent to the base camp, which they will set up at an altitude of 4600 metres.

Unexpected snowstorms on the ascent continually put an end to many of the missions to conquer the 6739-metre high volcano.

Another obstacle that also discourages mountaineers is the danger of minefields at the base of the massif.

For this reason, it is of vital importance to be accompanied by a guide and to follow the signs on the path that crosses the Llullaillaco Park.

The Llullaillaco volcano is also known for the secret hidden 26 metres from its summit, which in 1999, the National Geographic team revealed to the world: a group of 500-year-old mummified children in perfect condition, silent witnesses of what was once the glorious Inca empire.