Along Route B-245, the same path that leads to the Tatio geysers, we begin a great trekking adventure through Quebrada de Guatin, where Purifica cold river and Puritama thermal river come together to give birth to the Vilama river, our guide in this adventure.

We are about to start walking a very special path featuring ancient cactus up to seven meters high which seem to guard the place together with white foxtails that bright the scenery.

As we move forward, you will notice that the path narrows until the creek surrounds us completely between its rock formations, like a labyrinth.

The river continues and we go after it, marveling at the waterfalls, the flora and fauna treasures that congregate in the affluent and the blue sky contrasting with the yellow and brown colors of the columns that support us.

We walk cautiously so we don’t fall down with the stones and rocks.

Thank God we have good sneakers!

They have been great allies along this way, especially when the gorge narrowed so much that we practically had to crawl to continue our journey.

When we start leaving the creek and the gorge extends, we see red wooden walkways that welcome us, leading us to the modern and comfortable facilities of Puritama hot springs.

Managed by the Council of the Atacameños People, this beautiful center surrounded by desert vegetation has natural hot spring pools at 30 degrees Celsius that promise to ease the pain of our tired feet and revitalize the body thanks to its healing properties.

Without doubt, we are eager to dive into its waters, but a table set with cheese, fruit and wine makes us stay.

While we enjoy these delicacies in such a peaceful and beautiful environment, we both laugh while commenting:

Who could imagine that such paradise is only 30 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama?