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    Cejar Lagoon is located in the interior of the Atacama Salt Flat at an approximate distance of 28 km. from San Pedro, of great scenic beauty with calypso coloured waters and surrounded by salts of various shapes. Due to the high concentration of these salts you can enjoy floating in its waters.

    Continuing our tour to two round lagoons called Ojos del Salar that contain less salt concentration.

    Ending this tour in Laguna Tebinquiche where in summer you can appreciate how the evaporation of the water due to the high temperatures forms a white mantle of pure salt.


    14:30 hrs - Departure from the meeting point in San Pedro de Atacama
    Laguna Cejar
    Visit to Laguna Cejar

    Like being in the Dead Sea! Due to its high salinity, we will easily float in its waters, which provides a unique bathing experience. Laguna Cejar is surrounded by a desert and saline landscape. The contrast between the turquoise water and the desert environment creates a breathtaking and surreal sight.

    Laguna Cejar
    Visit to the Ojos del Salar Lagoons

    The Ojos del Salar Lagoon is an important habitat for various species of birds, especially flamingos. If we are lucky, we will observe the flamingos in their natural environment.

    Visit to the Tebenquiche Lagoon

    Laguna Tebenquinche is a salty lagoon, which means that the water contains a high concentration of salt. During the rainy season, the lagoon can fill with water, creating a natural mirror that reflects the sky and the surrounding mountains, creating a spectacular landscape. Watching the sun set from this lagoon, I assure you, will be a unique experience that you cannot let go on your journey.

    19:00 hrs approximately - Return to San Pedro de Atacama


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    • Entrance Fee Laguna Cejar
      Values per person. Payment only in cash. General public: CL$ 15000; Senior Adult: CL$ 10000; With indigenous certificate: CL$ 2000; Children from 6 to 12 years old: CL$ 5000; Students with ID or School Pass: CL$10000.
    • Entrance Fee Laguna Tebenquinche
      Values per person. Payment only in cash. General public: CL$ 5000; Children from 6 to 12: CL$ 1000.

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    Laguna Céjar

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