On the recommendation of other tourists, we decided to give an opportunity to the highland lakes Miscanti and Miñiques, hidden among volcanoes with whom they share the name treasures.

And so we headed towards the Andes on a journey that took 2 hours and a good dose of coca leaves to avoid the puna or altitude sickness.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are more than 4000 meters above sea level!

And boy, tourists were right, what a beautiful place! Two crystalline lagoons surrounded by beds and a sky so blue that made my eyes hurt.

The pampa is covered with snow, from which the wild grasses with green stems and yellow overlook timid.

It is a breathtaking landscape that invades us with their absolute silence, as penetrating as the cold.

We approached the Laguna Miscanti by a thick trail of rocks arranged to delimit the area that has been reserved for flamingos, foxes and vicunas, animals quickly captured through the lens of our camera.

We continue moving to continue our journey to Laguna Miñiques, just a few meters away from his sister water, and continue taking pictures to record the adventure.

The wind blows hard, but our spirit remains intact. To use the trip, we will also visit Laguna Miñiques just 5 kilometers and Piedras Rojas, another wonder of nature.

Who knew that this journey would be so special?

It is difficult to express in words the emotion that arouse the sites hosting these highland lakes of colors and silence.

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Unmissable San Pedro
Unmissable San Pedro

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Promotion: 5 Tours / 3 days
Altiplanic Lagoons and Piedras Rojas Viewpoint
Altiplanic Lagoons and Piedras Rojas Viewpoint