La Paz del pueblito de San Pedro es sobrecogedora a la nueve y mid-morning, time chosen to give a small tour of its beautiful church of aboriginal and colonial patrons, restored only in June 2015.

In silence we walked along its white adobe walls decorated with images and figures of saints. We raise the sight and we are trapped in its algarrobo and chañar shade, while we approach the altar prepared to listen to the prayers and thoughts of its faithful. A very special scent, like that of an old book that unfolds its sheets, permeates this place that dates from the year 1745 and which, according to what we say, has stood up countless times, after being destroyed by earthquakes and fires.

San Pedro y San Pablo will soon be celebrated, one of the most important religious festivals in the town, and this church will be filled with color, songs and creyentes. What do you think if this 28 we participated in the eve mass? Once it arrives in the middle of the night, we can enjoy the dances at dawn and later, accompany the patron on his way through the streets, after which the Eucharist held in his honor is over.