I want to invite you to do something special in your visit to San Pedro.

How about if we drift in the air of the Atacama Desert?

Don’t look at me strangely as I say this, as I’m not talking about going hot-airballooning or bungee jumping from a creek. None of that! For the ride that I’m suggesting you don’t even need to get off one meter from the ground.

After driving 16 kilometers away from the village of San Pedro de Atacama, this wonder that I was so keen to show you appears in front of us: a patch of blue and emerald waters called Cejar Lagoon.

And without realizing it, curiosity quickly takes over our steps towards this scenery inviting us to embrace part of the Cordillera de la Sal and Licancabur volcano which are there waiting for us, with its salty crystals shining like diamonds while the sun crowns a clear indigo sky.

What a wonderful natural spa! Like children, we run to the edge of the lagoon and dip our feet into those incredible turquoise waters.

However, when I suggest we move on to the deep end of the lagoon, fear paralyzes your steps and sorrowfully you confess you don’t know how to swim.

-My friend, that’s not a problem here! – I assure, while you watch me incredulously jumping to the darkest waters and within seconds see me float up from the deep.

It seems like a miracle, but all the magic that you witness is found in high concentrations of salt that dominate the lagoon, which patiently waits for you to give them a try.

Three, two, one … you jump!

And as you’ve never experienced before, you move in the water without difficulty and float like you’re in the clouds that reflect from the sky.

With excitement, you approach me and shout in this, your first encounter with Cejar lagoon:

“Look at me, I’m flying!”



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