We leave Cejar Lagoon behind with the salt of its waters still stuck to our skin. The heat of the sun intensifies and the idea of going back for a  refreshing dip turns very attractive.

– What if we go to Ojos del Salar? – I ask you excited as I remember that these lagoons are in our way. – That, of course, if you dare to jump in its waters – I emphasize without compassion.

And as I expected,  you don’t hesitate and accept my challenge and we set off to the enigmatic circular lagoons.

In the Salar de Atacama, 30 kilometers south of San Pedro de Atacama, we find this little fresh and deep water oasis.

Two lagoons in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by salt and some grasslands where foxes and flamingos use to hide.

Nearby, there are no signs or gates to alert us on the existence of these blue pools, which makes us think of the poor souls who have accidentally fallen in its waters.

Of the two lagoons, only one is available for swimming.

We contemplate it from the shore, ready in our swimsuits. The adrenaline that runs through our veins propels and with a big jump we finally throw ourselves, a three meters free fall to – as local say – bottomless  dark waters.



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