The world’s most beautiful sunset is called Tebinquiche Lagoon, a mirror of salt only 9 kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama, born from the thawings of the snow and the rains that rarely visit the world’s driest desert.

Watching the sunset from this lake is a unique experience that you can’t miss during your trip. That’s why, without too much thinking, you accept my proposal and we head on towards the Salar de Atacama.

We arrive at seven o’clock, just in time to witness the parade of colors that start to tint the cold and shallow waters underneath us.

The desert beauty captivates us, presenting us with the majestic flight of the flamingos that visit the salt covered desert.

Minutes pass, and the sun starts hiding behind the mountain range, turning everything into orange, pink and blue that reflect in this mirror lagoon.

You lean to grab a handful of salt in your hands and smile somehow relieved to realize you’re not dreaming. It seems the sky duplicates under us.

We continue walking around the lagoon and take photos with the world most amazing natural filters.

There is almost no sun left, barely peeks behind the mountains. We decide to say goodbye with a toast of exquisite pisco sour, grateful to the sun and lagoon for giving us one of the most beautiful evenings of our lives.



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