Shared and direct transfer after each flight arrived at the Calama airport. The duration of the trip is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Passengers are taken to each of their accommodations within 2 kilometers of the town center. Prices One way (In or Out San Pedro) $ 16.000 (…)

Departures: for each flight at Calama airport
Duration: 1:15 hour

CLP$ 35.000

Discover the Yerbas Buenas Valley, junction place of the Domeyko mountain range, the Salt mountain range and the Andes. Here we’ll observe petroglyphs from different ages, mandatory pass to and from San Pedro. Our journey follows then to the Rainbow Valley, full of colors given b (…)

Departures: 07:00 hours
Duration: 05 hrs. approximately.

30 kilometers northeast of San Pedro de Atacama we find the Puritama River, its waters that are born in the mountain range take temperature because of the proximity with volcanic materials and in this place they flow to the surface. The sector is conditioned with the basic servic (…)

Departures: 08:30 hours (am) – 14:00 hours (pm)
Duration: 04 hours approximately.

Our trip to the highlands begins at dawn to reach one of the most important geothermal fields in the world, the ” Tatio Geisers “. Surrounded by emanations of water and steam, we will enjoy the beauty of the Andes and with this natural scenario we will offer you a breakfast. Then (…)

Departures: 5:00 to 5:30 am
Duration: 8 hours

Enjoy Promotional Pack: 5 Tours / 3 days 3 days  5 excursions / tours The excursions are: Altiplanic Lagoons and Salar de Atacama, Valley of the moon, Puritama hot springs, Lagoon Cejar and Geyser del Tatio Transfers and snacks included Doesn´t include tickets that are paid when (…)

Departures: 6:30
Duration: 3 days

3 tours 2 days The excursions are: Altiplanic Lagoons and Salar de Atacama, Valley of the moon, and Geyser del Tatio Transfers and snacks included Doesn´t include tickets that are paid when entering each national reserve

Departures: Daily
Duration: 2 days

CLP$ 17.000

If you come to San Pedro de Atacama you can not miss this unique place in the world, the Moon Valley. In the middle of the deep aridity of the Salt Mountain Range we find a landscape of salt and clay modeled by the Water and wind for millions of years. In our tour we will enjoy t (…)

Departures: 15:00 hrs.
Duration: 04 hrs. Approximately

Update: The Atacama Salar is temporarily closed until further notice, instead it is going to Valle de Jerez   Located at the slope of the Miscanti Volcano, Miscanti Lagoon has a surface of 15 km2, at 4,200 masl, its neighboor Meñiques Lagoon is located 5 meters lower, with a (…)

Departures: 06:30 hours
Duration: 08 hrs. approximately.

Update: The Atacama Salar is temporarily closed until further notice, instead it is going to Valle de Jere     To the south of San Pedro de Atacama in our first stop we find Toconao. This town was built with Liparita stone, we will visit its square full of history with (…)

Departures: 07:00
Duration: 11 hours

CLP$ 20.000

Inside the Salar de Atacama we will visit the Cejar Lagoon. Its salty water has a great floating effect which makes the bath a relaxing and fun experience. Everything is complemented with the beautiful landscape of turquoise waters, volcanoes and the grandeur of the salar. Then w (…)

Departures: 15:00 hours
Duration: 04 hours approximately

We offer the largest tourist observation center in South America. This astronomical tour is offered every night, except for 5 nights a month when there is a full moon. The tour allows people, without necessarily having previous knowledge, to understand how to look at the sky, as (…)

Departures: 20:00
Duration: 3 hours

Sandboard or sandboarding is a sport that consists of descending dunes or sand hills, with special boards similar to those of Snowboarding. It belongs to the category of extreme sports, practicing it in the incredible dunes of San Pedro de Atacama. One of the driest deserts in th (…)

Departures: 09:00 / 16:00
Duration: 7 Hours

Discover the Phaway Atacama Ballooning Experience Imagine flying at dawn in San Pedro de Atacama, it’s possible and it’s amazing. Phaway is renowned for its: 1-hour flights Premium small balloon experience (8 guests) Buffet breakfast after the flight Multilingual service – Spanis (…)

Departures: 4:30 AM
Duration: 7 hours

Live the experience of the Tatio Geysers, one of the most beautiful geothermal fields in the world on board of a safari bus. In this vibrant excursion we will get to know the impressive fumaroles of Tatio, in the heart of the Altiplano at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres. Ou (…)

Departures: 4:30 AM

Discover Moon Valley & Kari Viewpoint, an unforgettable experience on board  safari bus With its particular beauty, the Moon Valley enchants tourists with its random formations of stone and sand. With the passage of centuries, floods and winds, textures and colors were achiev (…)

Departures: 15:00
Duration: 4 hours

Come and live a trip you won’t forget: Altiplanic Lagoons & Atacama Salt Flat The altiplano lagoons (Miscanti and Miñiques) are found in the Andean altiplano in the middle of volcanoes and mountains. The lagoons are part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve and its landscape (…)

Departures: 5:00
Duration: 8 hours

Laguna Céjar, Ojos del Salar & Laguna Tebenquiche: one of the best tours in existence. Laguna Céjar: it has a turquoise color being appreciated in its plenitude in the totally sunny days, but the special thing of this lagoon is not the color but its composition, since due to (…)

Departures: 15:00
Duration: 4 hours

Enjoy The best of San Pedro de Atacama Express. If your adventure begins in San Pedro de Atacama, you cannot miss the best activities for a lightning trip!

Departures: 6:30
Duration: 3 Days

Adventure Challenge Atacama! Enjoy some of the spectacular adventures that you can live in San Pedro de Atacama

Departures: 4:30
Duration: 3 Days